Utilize your time and effort wisely with our material placement trucks known as Stone Slingers. These trucks can haul aggregate up to 4” in diameter and place it exactly where you need it at your job-site with no additional equipment or labor. Clean gravel should be placed under all interior or exterior slabs to prevent heaving, cracked slabs, differential settling and most of all it saves the consumer hundreds or thousands of dollars in concrete costs do to uneven sub grades. These trucks are great for small spaces and tight alley ways like Denver Metro, where dumping material is not an option. Not sure what to use this truck for? View the list below:

  • Basement Slab Prep
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Structural or Engineered Fill
  • Garage Slab Prep
  • Filling over perimeter drains
  • Septic Systems
  • Bedding plumbing
  • Driveway/Sidewalk Slab Prep
  • Topsoil/Landscape rock - for flower beds or backyards
  • Sand for indoor/outdoor horse arenas
Residential Aggregate Material Trucking
Commercial Aggregate Material Trucking


Why use a Stone-Slinger when there is plenty of room for me to fit a loader or skidsteer? The real answer is because stone-slingers can place the material faster with less liability for cracked plumbing pipes or cracked thermal heating tubes. We can place, rake and fine grade up to 20,000 sq ft per day and over 150 tons per hour, saving material and labor costs. This also saves the General Contractor multiple days in the build schedule. Or does your job-site have multiple items staged and there is no room to dump aggregate and stockpile? Then you’re on the correct website. Use a Stone-Slinger!

  • Tilt-up-Wall Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings - with or without basement levels
  • Commercial Buildings 0-500,000 square feet
  • Spread on Vapor Retarder
  • Artificial Turf Sand Cushion Underlayment

Industrial & Oilfield

Are you having trouble reaching where you need to with a Crane, trackhoe, skid steer or loader? Maybe the job is taking much longer than you expected with using your own equipment? Let Blayde Corporation help you with our new and improved stone slingers. We can reach up to 100 feet from the back of the truck and softly place aggregate or fill for specialty situations.

  • Bedding for Underground Fiberglass tanks
  • Bedding for electrical or plumbing pipe
  • Fiberglass pipeline bedding (can bed up to 400 linear feet per day with 1 truck)
  • Landfill Liner Drainage layer
  • Sand for pond liner
  • Tank Rings for production tank structurability
  • Steel Containment gravel traction layer
  • Electrical Sub Station gravel placement
Industrial Aggregate Material Trucking
Aggregate Trucking Service

General Aggregate Trucking Services

Do you have a job that requires hundreds or thousands of tons of riprap, structural fill, road base crushed rock, sand or soil? Or maybe you just need a dump truck for the day to haul soil on-site. Big or small, we can provide ample service and quality with our fleet of side dumps, belly dumps, end dump trailers and dump trucks. We also haul solidified contaminated soil and drill cuttings for oil field service companies and oil producers.

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