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Welcome to the future of commercial and civil construction with Blayde Corporation. Our advanced Stone-Slinger technology redefines material handling, offering unparalleled speed and accuracy in placing aggregate materials. Capable of handling over 150 tons per hour and fine grading up to 20,000 sq ft per day, our equipment minimizes the risk of damage to crucial infrastructure elements like plumbing pipes and thermal heating tubes. This translates into significant savings in both material and labor costs while accelerating your construction timeline. Whether you’re dealing with limited space for aggregate dumping or need precise material placement for storm tech drainage systems, detention pond cushion layers, biofilter system sand bedding, or any complex commercial requirement, our Stone-Slingers are the ideal solution. Trust Blayde Corp to bring efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness to your next commercial or civil construction project.

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Stone-slingers can place the material faster with less liability for cracked plumbing pipes or cracked thermal heating tubes. 

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Utilize your time and effort wisely with our material placement trucks known as Stone Slingers. These trucks can haul aggregate up to 4” in diameter and place it exactly where you need it at your job-site with no additional equipment or labor. 

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Blayde Corp uses rock slingers (otherwise called blayde slingers, telebelt trucks, stone slingers, stone spreaders, rock shooters, CAS, or conveyor trucks) for precise material delivery and installation.

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Blayde Corp proudly serves the western states from South Dakota to New Mexico, including Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas and our home state of Colorado. We have happy clients in Cheyenne, Greeley, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.