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Innovative Solutions for Unique Material Delivery Challenges

Discover Blayde Corporation’s unparalleled expertise in Special Applications for material delivery. Our advanced stone slinger trucks offer elegant, efficient solutions to a wide range of unique and challenging situations. From safely backfilling abandoned fuel tanks to controlling erosion in sensitive environments, we specialize in projects that require precision, speed, and safety. Our approach combines innovation with practicality, ensuring that even the most complex material delivery needs are met with ease and accuracy. Whether it’s for industry-specific requirements or creative problem-solving in material handling, Blayde Corp is your go-to solution for unique material delivery challenges.

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Precision Material Placement

Solutions for Compact Spaces

Residential Projects

Quality Material Placement for any space

These trucks are great for small spaces and tight alley ways like Denver Metro, where dumping material is not an option.

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Utilize your time and effort wisely with our material placement trucks known as Stone Slingers. These trucks can haul aggregate up to 4” in diameter and place it exactly where you need it at your job-site with no additional equipment or labor. 

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Blayde Corp uses rock slingers (otherwise called blayde slingers, telebelt trucks, stone slingers, stone spreaders, rock shooters, CAS, or conveyor trucks) for precise material delivery and installation.

Service Locations

Blayde Corp proudly serves the western states from South Dakota to New Mexico, including Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas and our home state of Colorado. We have happy clients in Cheyenne, Greeley, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.